Neutron Time Interferometry

Research paper by J. Felber, R. Gähler, R. Golub, P. Hank, V. Ignatovich, T. Keller, U. Rauch

Indexed on: 01 Mar '99Published on: 01 Mar '99Published in: Foundations of Physics


We compare a “Mach-Zehnder interferometer in time” for cold neutrons with its well-known spatial counterpart and demonstrate the intimate connection between space and time for both setups. Further, we outline a combined space-time interferometer, which coherently splits a wavepacket in longitudinal and lateral direction. On the way towards time interferometry “neutron computer holography” seems to be an attractive application. It allows the three-dimensional reconstruction of an object from the scattered intensity, but in contrast to holography with light, there is no need for a reference wave. On the other hand, the possible resolution is worse than in the light case.