Neutrino spectrum in SU(3) ℓ ×SU(3) E gauged lepton flavor model

Research paper by W Sreethawong, W Treesukrat P Uttayarat

Indexed on: 21 Dec '18Published on: 17 Dec '18Published in: Journal of physics. Conference series


Massive neutrino is an evidence of new physics beyond the Standard Model. One of the well motivated new physics scenarios is a model with gauged lepton flavor symmetry. We investigate neutrino properties in the minimal SU(3) ℓ ×SU(3) E gauged lepton flavor model. In this model, three new species of fermions are introduced to cancel gauge anomalies. These new fermions lead to a see-saw mechanism for neutrino mass generation. We impose the constraints from perturbative unitarity in 2-2 scattering processes, as well as current experimental constraints, to obtain viable neutrino spectrum. We determine the lower bound, with the SU(3) ℓ gauge coupling set to 1, on the lightest neutrino mass of 3.76 × 10 −3 (18.9 × 10 −3 ) eV for the normal (inverted) hierarchy.