Neurosecretory changes induced by salt loading in the freshwater leech, Poecilobdella viridis (Blanchard)

Research paper by G. K. Kulkarni, M. M. Hanumante, R. Nagabhushanam

Indexed on: 01 Jan '79Published on: 01 Jan '79Published in: Hydrobiologia


Histomorphological changes after salt (NaCl) loading in brain neurosecretory cells have been tracked light microscopically at three concentrations (0.500%, 1.000% and 1.500%) of NaCl. Only 1.000% and 1.500% NaCl induced significant neurosecretory alterations. In A cells there was a dramatic downfall in neurosecretory material, (NSM) intensity and a significant increment and decrease in nuclear diameter and cell area respectively following both 1.000% and 1.500% NaCl loading, whereas both salt concentrations produced significant decrease in cell area of B cells but only 1.500% NaCl induced significant enhancement in its nuclear diameter accompanied by a lowering of NSM intensity. Functional significance of these changes is elucidated in the light of neurosecretory dynamics.