Neurosecretory cells in the optic lobe of two aquatic coleopteran species, Dineutes indicus aube and Cybister rugulosus redt

Research paper by Surekha P. Barde

Indexed on: 01 Jan '81Published on: 01 Jan '81Published in: Hydrobiologia


In each optic lobe and optic peduncle of two aquatic beetles viz. Dineutes indicus and Cybister rugulosus the neurosecretory cells are observed with the help of various histochemical techniques. These cells are arranged to form a discrete group. A group in the optic lobe of both species contains about 25 to 30 neurosecretory cells. On the basis of staining properties the neurosecretory cells are classified into A and B types. These cells stain with chrome haematoxylin-phloxine and paraldehyde fuchsin, but do not stain with azan. Histochemically, the neurosecretory material is positive for proteins and shows a negative reaction for 1,2-glycols. The cells show variations in RNA contents in correlation with the state of secretory activity. Axons of the neurosecretory cell group of the optic lobe are observed directed to the optic peduncle. The axonal tract from neurosecretory cells in the optic peduncle runs towards the lateral margin of the brain.