Negatively curved left-invariant metrics on Lie groups

Research paper by Sigbjorn Hervik

Indexed on: 22 Feb '10Published on: 22 Feb '10Published in: Mathematical Physics


We discuss negatively curved homogeneous spaces admitting a simply transitive group of isometries, or equivalently, negatively curved left-invariant metrics on Lie groups. Negatively curved spaces have a remarkably rich and diverse structure and are interesting from both a mathematical and a physical perspective. As well as giving general criteria for having left-invariant metrics with negative Ricci curvature scalar, we also consider special cases, like Einstein spaces and Ricci nilsolitons. We point out the relevance these spaces play in some higher-dimensional theories of gravity. In particular, we show that the Ricci nilsolitons are Riemannian solutions to certain higher-curvature gravity theories.