Negative Impact on the Aquatic Ecosystems of the State of Morelos, Mexico from Introduced Aquarium and Other Commercial Fish

Research paper by Topiltzin Contreras-MacBeath, Humberto Mejia Mojica, Roberto Carrillo Wilson

Indexed on: 01 Jun '98Published on: 01 Jun '98Published in: Aquarium Sciences and Conservation


Of the 22 fish species presently inhabiting the waters of the state of Morelos, México, more than half (64%) have been introduced, mainly for fisheries and ornamental aquaculture purposes. Even though there are other significant problems such as pollution, eutrophication and drought, we found that fish introductions have caused the worst ecological impacts. These problems stem from a general lack of knowledge regarding the characteristics, importance and appropriate use and management of aquatic resources. Conservational actions are proposed.