Naturally and anthropogenically produced bromoform in the Kattegatt, a semi-enclosed oceanic basin

Research paper by Elisabet Fogelqvist, Mikael Krysell

Indexed on: 01 Nov '91Published on: 01 Nov '91Published in: Journal of atmospheric chemistry


The origin of bromoform in seawater and atmosphere, as well as possible sinks and breakdown mechanisms, is discussed. A bromoform budget is calculated for the Kattegatt area between Sweden and Denmark, where the input of bromoform from a power plant is significant. Both anthropogenically (250×106 g yr-1) and biogenically (350×106 g yr-1, 0.016 g m-2 yr-1) produced bromoform is likely to have a great impact locally on the inventory and the release to the atmosphere. Using measured surface concentrations of bromoform, the total annual release from the Kattegatt to the atmosphere is estimated to 550×106 g (0.025 g m-2 yr-1).