Nanostructured lipid carriers-based thermosensitive eye drops for enhanced, sustained delivery of dexamethasone.

Research paper by Zhenjie Z Mo, Junfeng J Ban, Yan Y Zhang, Youyun Y Du, Yifeng Y Wen, Xin X Huang, Qingchun Q Xie, Lou L Shen, Shu S Zhang, Hong H Deng, Dongzhi D Hou, Yanzhong Y Chen, Zhufen Z Lu

Indexed on: 28 Jun '18Published on: 28 Jun '18Published in: Nanomedicine (London, England)


Nanostructured lipid carriers in-gel (NLCs-gel) were prepared to enhance and improve the ocular delivery of dexamethasone. Materials & methods: NLCs containing dexamethasone prepared by high-pressure homogenization were characterized and dispersed into thermosensitive gels (Pluronic F127 and F68 as gels material). In vitro drug release studies, ocular irritation tests, ex vivo corneal penetration and drug dynamics of NLCs and NLCs-gel were evaluated in aqueous humor. NLCs-gel exhibited a rapid sol-gel transition at 34.4°C and presented nano-sized, narrowly distributed particles. Corneal penetration studies revealed steady sustained drug release (Ritger-Peppas); NLCs-gel increased ocular bioavailability by prolonging precorneal retention time and improving corneal permeation. These findings suggest developing NLCs-gel for potential treatment of posterior segment eye diseases.