Nanomechanical and nanotribological characterization of a MEMS micromembrane supported by two folded hinges

Research paper by Marius Pustan, Cristian Dudescu, Corina Birleanu

Indexed on: 07 Jan '15Published on: 07 Jan '15Published in: Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing


Experimental investigations, analytical and numerical studies of a micromembrane supported by two folded hinges are presented in this paper. This micromembrane can be used as a flexible component in RF-MEMS switches or in optical applications. The experimental tests are performed to determine the micromembrane behavior under a mechanical loading. Mechanical properties under interest are the bending stiffness and stress. Tribological investigation implies adhesion measurement between the flexible part of micromembrane and substrate. The gap between micromembrane and substrate is 3 µm in the same range with the sample thickness. The adhesion force depends on the geometrical configuration of micromembrane hinges, is influenced by the material properties and the roughness of contact surfaces. Stiction is one of the main failure causes of a micromembrane that deflects directly to substrate. The other failure cause is the excessive stress in the micromembrane hinges. Analysis of the micromembrane stress behavior under large deflection is numerically investigated.