N-soliton train interactions and perturbed complex Toda chain in nonlinear optics. Adiabatic and non-adiabtic aspects

Research paper by V. S. Gerdjikov, I. M. Uzunov

Indexed on: 13 Dec '00Published on: 13 Dec '00Published in: Nonlinear Sciences - Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems


Our previous results on the N-soliton interaction in the adiabatic approximation have been extended. It is shown that the complex Toda chain (CTC) model is an universal one in the sense that it describes the N-soliton train interactions for all NLEE from the NLS hierarchy. We derive the perturbed CTC system and show that the small perturbations affect only the center of mass motion and the global phase of the N-soliton train. A special reduction of CTC known as the Toda chain with indefinite metric describes the interaction of the sine-Gordon solitons and anti-solitons. The peculiarities of the interactions in the non-adiabatic cases are outlined.