N-PD cross-coupling synchronization control based on adjacent coupling error analysis

Research paper by Yan-jie Liu, Le Liang; Ting-ting Chu; Ming-yue Wu

Indexed on: 10 Jun '18Published on: 01 May '18Published in: Journal of Central South University


In order to improve the trajectory tracking precision and reduce the synchronization error of a 6-DOF lightweight robot, nonlinear proportion-deviation (N-PD) cross-coupling synchronization control strategy based on adjacent coupling error analysis is presented. The mathematical models of the robot, including kinematic model, dynamic model and spline trajectory planing, are established and verified. Since it is difficult to describe the real-time contour error of the robot for complex trajectory, the adjacent coupling error is analyzed to solve the problem. Combined with nonlinear control and coupling performance of the robot, N-PD cross-coupling synchronization controller is designed and validated by simulation analysis. A servo control experimental system which mainly consists of laser tracking system, the robot mechanical system and EtherCAT based servo control system is constructed. The synchronization error is significantly decreased and the maximum trajectory error is reduced from 0.33 mm to 0.1 mm. The effectiveness of the control algorithm is validated by the experimental results, thus the control strategy can improve the robot’s trajectory tracking precision significantly.