N-banded karyotypes of wheat species

Research paper by W. L. Gerlach

Indexed on: 01 Mar '77Published on: 01 Mar '77Published in: Chromosoma


Nine of the twenty-one chromosome pairs of the hexaploid wheat Triticum aestivum var. Chinese Spring (genome constitution AABBDD) show distinctive N-banding patterns. These nine chromosomes are 4A, 7A and all of the B genome chromosomes. The remaining chromosomes show either faint bands or no bands at all. Tetraploid wheat, T. dicoccoides (AABB), showed banded chromosomes similar to those observed in the hexaploid. Of the diploid species T. monococcum, T. boeoticum, T. urartu and Aegilops sauarrosa showed little or no banding as would be expected of donors of the A and D genomes. Ae. speltoides had a number of N-banded chromosomes as would be expected of a candidate for the B genome donor. Since N-bands are not evident on some nucleolar organiser chromosomes, the staining specificity cannot be correlated with the presence of nucleolar organiser regions.