Muscular sarcocystosis in coyotes from Oklahoma.

Research paper by C A CA Cummings, A A AA Kocan, R W RW Barker, J P JP Dubey

Indexed on: 21 Nov '00Published on: 21 Nov '00Published in: Journal of wildlife diseases


In a recent survey in Oklahoma (USA), 52 free-ranging coyotes were examined for the presence of sarcocysts. Two of these coyotes were found infected with sarcocysts in skeletal muscle. By light microscopy, the cyst wall was thin and smooth. Ultrastructurally, the cyst wall had minute villar protrusions. The sarcocysts were 14.4 to 50.4 microm wide and 46.8 to 99 microm long. This is the first report of Sarcocystis sp. sarcocysts in the skeletal muscle of coyotes.