Multiverse in the Third Quantized Horava-Lifshits Theory of Gravity

Research paper by Mir Faizal

Indexed on: 19 Dec '11Published on: 19 Dec '11Published in: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology


In this paper we analyze the third quantization of Horava-Lifshits theory of gravity without detail balance. We show that the Wheeler-DeWitt equation for Horava-Lifshits theory of gravity in minisuperspace approximation becomes the equation for time-dependent harmonic oscillator. After interpreting the scaling factor as the time, we are able to derive the third quantized wavefunction for multiverse. We also show in third quantized formalism it is possible that the universe can form from nothing. After we go on to analyze the effect of introducing interactions in the Wheeler-DeWitt equation. We see how this model of interacting universes can be used to explain baryogenesis with violation of baryon number conservation in the multiverse. We also analyze how this model can possibly explain the present value of the cosmological constant. Finally we analyze the possibility of the multiverse being formed from perturbations around a false vacuum and its decay to a true vacuum.