Multipath-Based Multicasting Strategies for Wormhole-Routed Star Graph Interconnection Networks

Research paper by Neng-Chung Wang, Chih-Ping Chu, Tzung-Shi Chen

Indexed on: 01 Sep '04Published on: 01 Sep '04Published in: The Journal of Supercomputing


The star graph interconnection network has been recognized as an attractive alternative to the popular hypercube network. In this paper, we present a multipath-based multicast routing model for wormholerouted star graph networks, propose two efficient multipath routing schemes, and contrast the performance of the proposed schemes with the performance of the scheme presented in our previous work. Both of the two proposed schemes have been proven to be deadlock-free. The first scheme, simplemultipath routing, uses multiple independent paths for concurrent multicasting. The second scheme, two-phase multipath routing, includes two phases: source-to-relay and relay-to-destination. For each phase, multicasting is carried out using simple multipath routing. Experimental results show that, for short and medium messages with small message startup latencies, the proposed schemes reduce multicast latency more efficiently than other schemes.