Multiclass Radio Frequency Interference Detection and Suppression for SAR Based on the Single Shot MultiBox Detector.

Research paper by Junfei J Yu, Jingwen J Li, Bing B Sun, Jie J Chen, Chunsheng C Li

Indexed on: 23 Nov '18Published on: 23 Nov '18Published in: Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)


Radio frequency interference (RFI) is known to jam synthetic aperture radar (SAR) measurements, severely degrading the SAR imaging quality. The suppression of RFI in SAR echo signals is usually an underdetermined blind source separation problem. In this paper, we propose a novel method for multiclass RFI detection and suppression based on the single shot multibox detector (SSD). First, an echo-interference dataset is established by randomly combining the target signal with various types of RFI in a simulation, and the time⁻frequency form of the dataset is obtained by utilizing the short-time Fourier transform (STFT). Next, the time⁻frequency dataset acts as input data to train the SSD and obtain a network that is capable of detecting, identifying and estimating the interference. Finally, all of the interference signals are exactly reconstructed based on the prediction results of the SSD and mitigated by an adaptive filter. The proposed method can effectively increase the signal-to-interference-noise ratio (SINR) of RFI-contaminated SAR echoes and improve the peak sidelobe ratio (PSLR) after pulse compression. The simulated experimental results validate the effectiveness of the proposed method.