Multi-view object detection in dual-energy X-ray images

Research paper by Muhammet Baştan

Indexed on: 04 Aug '15Published on: 04 Aug '15Published in: Machine Vision and Applications


Automatic inspection of X-ray scans at security checkpoints can improve the public security. X-ray images are different from photographic images. They are transparent. They contain much less texture. They may be highly cluttered. Objects may undergo in- and out-of-plane rotations. On the other hand, scale and illumination change is less of an issue. More importantly, X-ray imaging provides extra information which are usually not available in regular images: dual-energy imaging, which provides material information about the objects; and multi-view imaging, which provides multiple images of objects from different viewing angles. Such peculiarities of X-ray images should be leveraged for high-performance object recognition systems to be deployed on X-ray scanners. To this end, we first present an extensive evaluation of standard local features for object detection on a large X-ray image dataset in a structured learning framework. Then, we propose two dense sampling methods as keypoint detector for textureless objects and extend the SPIN color descriptor to utilize the material information. Finally, we propose a multi-view branch-and-bound search algorithm for multi-view object detection. Through extensive experiments on three object categories, we show that object detection performance on X-ray images improves substantially with the help of extended features and multiple views.