Multi-Time Formulation of Pair Creation

Research paper by Sören Petrat, Roderich Tumulka

Indexed on: 23 Jan '14Published on: 23 Jan '14Published in: Quantum Physics


In a recent work [8], we have described a formulation of a model quantum field theory in terms of a multi-time wave function and proposed a suitable system of multi-time Schroedinger equations governing the evolution of that wave function. Here, we provide further evidence that multi-time wave functions provide a viable formulation of relevant quantum field theories by describing a multi-time formulation, analogous to the one in [8], of another model quantum field theory. This model involves three species of particles, say x-particles, anti-x-particles, and y-particles, and postulates that a y-particle can decay into a pair consisting of an x and an anti-x particle, and that an x-anti-x pair, when they meet, annihilate each other creating a y-particle. (Alternatively, the model can also be interpreted as representing beta decay.) The wave function is a multi-time version of a time-dependent state vector in Fock space (or rather, the appropriate product of Fock spaces) in the particle-position representation. We write down multi-time Schroedinger equations and verify that they are consistent, provided that an even number of the three particle species involved are fermionic.