Multi Model Mitigation Approach for Network Threats on Cluster Based Linear Chain Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks at QoS Development

Research paper by R. Rajamohamed, T. Justin Jose, S. Sumithra, J. Vijaya

Indexed on: 04 Feb '18Published on: 03 Feb '18Published in: Wireless Personal Communications


Consider the wireless sensor network (WSN) deployed in the motivation to perform data collection through the sensor nodes of the network deployed in different geographic region with same set of configuration where each can directly communicate to the base station. There are many routing protocols exists but the cluster based linear chain routing is focused towards reducing energy depletion by performing cooperative transmission to reach the destination. Because of the nodes has no mobility and the cluster formation is performed once, the linear chain routing protocol is more prone for variety of routing attacks which spoils the motivation of linear chain routing and reduce the lifetime of the network in rapid manner. We propose a multi model mitigation technique which handles variety of network threats happen in routing of packets increases the performance of WSN. This method performs flow estimation technique to identify the denial of service attacks and botnet based attacks. An light weight location verification protocol has been depicted to handle the sink hole attacks. The problem of packet dropping attack has been handled by one step verification process. The multi model mitigation techniques have produced efficient result in Quality of Service development and improve the performance of the linear chain routing.