μSR investigation of a new diluted magnetic semiconductor Li(Zn,Mn,Cu)As with Mn and Cu codoping at the same Zn sites.

Research paper by S L SL Guo, Y Y Zhao, H Y HY Man, C C Ding, X X Gong, G X GX Zhi, L C LC Fu, Y L YL Gu, B A BA Frandsen, L L Liu, S C SC Cheung, T J TJ Munsie, M N MN Wilson, Y P YP Cai, G M GM Luke, et al.

Indexed on: 13 Jul '16Published on: 13 Jul '16Published in: Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal


We report the successful synthesis and characterization of a new type I-II-V bulk form diluted magnetic semiconductor (DMS) Li(Zn,Mn,Cu)As, in which charge and spin doping are decoupled via (Cu,Zn) and (Mn,Zn) substitution at the same Zn sites. Ferromagnetic transition temperature up to  ∼33 K has been observed with a coercive field  ∼40 Oe for the 12.5% doping level. μSR measurements confirmed that the magnetic volume fraction reaches nearly 100% at 2 K, and the mechanism responsible for the ferromagnetic interaction in this system is the same as other bulk form DMSs.