MR imaging-guided biopsy and therapeutic intervention in a closed-configuration magnet: single-center series of 361 punctures.

Research paper by E E Salomonowitz

Indexed on: 22 Jun '01Published on: 22 Jun '01Published in: AJR. American journal of roentgenology


The purpose of the study was to evaluate practical experience with interventional MR imaging in a closed-bore 1.5-T imaging system. A total of 361 MR-guided biopsies were performed in 250 patients and analyzed retrospectively. The technique comprised four steps: localization; planning; action (cutting or aspiration biopsy, or instillation of a therapeutic agent), with verification in two perpendicular planes; and obtaining control scans.The mean duration of a biopsy was 21 min; there were no major complications. Image contrast, signal, matrix options, and visibility of needle track and tip position permitted uncomplicated orientation. The interventional MR technique could be applied in any puncture setting.