Morphology and the information age

Research paper by Russ Shurig

Indexed on: 01 Mar '83Published on: 01 Mar '83Published in: The Journal of Technology Transfer


New products, new services and new approaches to doing business may be essential in order to return to a period of long term economic propsperity. A particularly powerful approach to innovation is the technique called “morphology”. Kondratieff’s use of the morphology technique to analyze business cycles, and also an original use of morphology to analyze the categories of existence, are here applied to deduce office worker archetypes and significant business management issues, as a function of economic phase. The economic phases of prosperity, recession, depression and recovery are realted to the following business management issues: Productivity, time management, innovation and management by objectives. These issues correspond, respectively, to the following office worker archetypes: Information worker, skill worker, knowledge worker and decision maker.

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