‘More like the kids than the other teachers’: One working-class pre-service Teacher’s experiences in a middle-class profession

Research paper by Jo Lampert, Bruce Burnett, Stevie Lebhers

Indexed on: 13 May '16Published on: 11 May '16Published in: Teaching and Teacher Education


While teaching is largely a White, middle-class profession, some teachers, including White teachers, come from low socio-economic backgrounds. This paper examines how one working-class pre-service teacher in Australia experiences studying in a predominantly middle-class teacher-education program. Drawing on the work of Bourdieu, this paper seeks to explore what we can learn from the reflections of a female pre-service teacher who is a member of this much smaller group of working-class teachers and who brings to her teaching the habitus and life history that aligns with many of her students and the low socio-economic communities in which she teaches.