More efficient Bell inequalities for Werner states

Research paper by T. Vértesi

Indexed on: 02 Jun '08Published on: 02 Jun '08Published in: Quantum Physics


In this paper we study the nonlocal properties of two-qubit Werner states parameterized by the visibility parameter 0<p<1. New family of Bell inequalities are constructed which prove the two-qubit Werner states to be nonlocal for the parameter range 0.7056<p<1. This is slightly wider than the range 0.7071<p<1, corresponding to the violation of the Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt (CHSH) inequality. This answers a question posed by Gisin in the positive, i.e., there exist Bell inequalities which are more efficient than the CHSH inequality in the sense that they are violated by a wider range of two-qubit Werner states.