Monte Carlo simulation of response function for a NaI(Tl) detector for gamma rays from 241Am/Be source.

Research paper by J C JC Vitorelli, A X AX Silva, V R VR Crispim, E S ES da Fonseca, W W WW Pereira

Indexed on: 11 Feb '05Published on: 11 Feb '05Published in: Applied Radiation and Isotopes


The general purpose computer code MCNP4B was used to simulate the response function of a bare NaI(Tl) detector crystal for gamma rays from an 241Am/Be source capsule. The simulated spectral shape generated by the MCNP4B code was compared with the measured spectral shape obtained using a gamma-ray spectrometer with a cylindrical shape, 7.62 cm x 7.62 cm, NaI(Tl). In general, the agreement between the simulation and the experimental response function was good.