Molecular Theory for Electrokinetic Transport in pH-Regulated Nanochannels.

Research paper by Xian X Kong, Jian J Jiang, Diannan D Lu, Zheng Z Liu, Jianzhong J Wu

Indexed on: 19 Aug '15Published on: 19 Aug '15Published in: Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters


Ion transport through nanochannels depends on various external driving forces as well as the structural and hydrodynamic inhomogeneity of the confined fluid inside of the pore. Conventional models of electrokinetic transport neglect the discrete nature of ionic species and electrostatic correlations important at the boundary and often lead to inconsistent predictions of the surface potential and the surface charge density. Here, we demonstrate that the electrokinetic phenomena can be successfully described by the classical density functional theory in conjunction with the Navier-Stokes equation for the fluid flow. The new theoretical procedure predicts ion conductivity in various pH-regulated nanochannels under different driving forces, in excellent agreement with experimental data.