Molecular Properties of Butan-1-ol With Acetic Acid: A Dielectric study

Research paper by Baliram Lone, Prakash Khirade, Suresh Mehrotra

Indexed on: 22 Apr '20Published on: 18 Apr '20Published in: arXiv - Physics - Chemical Physics


The dielectric properties of Butan-1-ol with acetic acid mixture have been studied in the frequency range 10 MHz to 20 GHz using time domain spectroscopy in the reflection mode, at various temperatures (i.e. on 288 K, 298 K, 308 K and 318 K) and at eleven different concentrations. Dielectric parameters such as static dielectric constant and relaxation time have been determined. Excess dielectric constant, Excess inverse relaxation time, Kirkwood correlation factor and the thermodynamic parameters ({\Delta}H & {\Delta}S) have been estimated using these dielectric parameters. A drastic change in molecular structure of Butan-1-ol with acetic acid mixture observed due to strong intermolecular association among the molecules of complex sysytem. Thermodynamic parameters explored to insight molecular structures changes of mixtures at different temperatures.