Molecular nanocluster with a [Sn(4)Ga(4)Zn(2)Se(20)](8-) t3 supertetrahedral core.

Research paper by Guohai G Xu, Peng P Guo, Shuyan S Song, Hongjie H Zhang, Cheng C Wang

Indexed on: 27 May '09Published on: 27 May '09Published in: Inorganic Chemistry


A multinary molecular nanocluster, in which a T3 supertetrahedral [Sn(4)Ga(4)Zn(2)Se(20)](8-) core was neutralized and covalently terminated by four [(TEPA)Mn](2+) (TEPA = tetraethylenepentamine) metal complexes, was synthesized and characterized. The cluster is assembled into, through hydrogen bonding and van de Waals forces, a superlattice that is chemically stable and free of strong covalent coupling. The four different cations were distributed within the cluster in such a manner that both the local charge balance and global charge compensation by the metal complex could be satisfied.