Molecular genetic characterization of plant somatic hybrids

Research paper by Francisco M. Pinto, Yves Chupeau, Vicente M. Cabrera

Indexed on: 01 Apr '95Published on: 01 Apr '95Published in: In vitro cellular & developmental biology. Plant : journal of the Tissue Culture Association


An efficient and easy method for genetic characterization of plant somatic hybrids is proposed. In a first qualitative approach, four somatic hybrids and their parental species (Nicotiana tabacum andN. plumbaginifolia) were characterized by DNA fingerprinting and Random Amplification of Polymorphic DNA (RAPD). After this, a quantitative estimation of the degree of parental contribution to the hybrids was carried out by means of a slot-blot analysis. Both qualitative methods, showed one hybrid identical toN. tabacum, two almost identical toN. plumbaginifolia, and a fourth similar to this parental species, but with someN. tabacum admixture. The quantitative method, for the same hybrids, gave 83%, 7%, 7%, and 37%N. tabacum DNA contribution, respectively.