Molecular Cloning and Expression Determination of p38 MAPK from the Liver and Kidney of Silver Carp

Research paper by Xiaoyu Li, Junguo Ma, Yuanyuan Li

Indexed on: 09 Mar '16Published on: 11 Feb '16Published in: Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology


The sequence of p38MAPK in silver carp (Hm‐p38a) was cloned and sequenced. Additionally, the acute toxicity of crude microcystins (MCs) on silver carp and induction expression of Hm‐p38a by MCs exposure were also determined in this study. The results reveal that the length of Hm‐p38a is 2418 bp and it contains a 1086 bp open reading frame. Hm‐p38a could encode 361 amino acids. Sequence analysis indicates that Hm‐p38a contains the conserved structures of Thr‐Gly‐Tyr motif and substrate binding site Ala‐Thr‐Arg‐Trp, and it is highly conserved in fish. Phylogenetic analysis reveals that Hm‐p38a is more closely related to fish than mammals and it belongs to p38α subfamily. Moreover, Hm‐p38a in silver carp is constitutively expressed in all examined tissues. In addition, our results indicate that MCs exposure significantly promotes the transcription of Hm‐p38a in fish liver or kidney, suggesting that mitogen‐activated protein kinase should also be the signal pathway of MCs hepatotoxicity in fish.