Molecular characteristics and kinetic polymerization parameters of polypiperylene

Research paper by S. R. Rafikov, B. G. Kozlov, N. G. Marina, Yu. B. Monakov, V. P. Budtov

Indexed on: 01 Apr '82Published on: 01 Apr '82Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


A study has been made of the molecular characteristics of polypiperylenes obtained by polymerization, under various conditions, on catalysts containing various lanthanides.The molecular mass of the polymer varies with the time of polymerization, the concentration of the monomer (CM) and the organoaluminum (CAl) component of the catalyst, and the nature of the lanthanide and the solvent. Equations relating CM, CA1, and the molecular mass have been derived.The kinetic parameters for piperylene polymerization on lanthanide catalytic systems have been calculated, and it has been shown that the organoaluminum compound is the principal chain transfer agent.