Modulation of dendritic cells and regulatory T cells by naturally occurring antibodies.

Research paper by Jaap J Kwekkeboom

Indexed on: 21 Aug '12Published on: 21 Aug '12Published in: Advances in experimental medicine and biology


Most studies on the effects of naturally occurring autoantibodies (NAbs) on immune cells have been performed in the context of research on the immunomodulatory effects of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG). Among others, IVIG inhibits the differentiation, maturation and functions of dendritic cells (DC), thereby suppressing T-cell activation. In addition, IVIG stimulates expansion and suppressive function of regulatory T cells (Treg) carrying the antigens CD4, CD25 and Foxp3. Current data on the immunomodulatory effects of IVIG on DC and Treg are summarized, and possible molecular interactions between NAbs and DC or Treg that mediate these effects are discussed.

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