Modified-release prednisone decreases complaints and fatigue compared to standard prednisolone in patients with adrenal insufficiency.

Research paper by J J Langenheim, M M Ventz, A A Hinz, M M Quinkler

Indexed on: 04 Jul '12Published on: 04 Jul '12Published in: Hormone and metabolic research = Hormon- und Stoffwechselforschung = Hormones et metabolisme


Patients with adrenal insufficiency (AI) receive first glucocorticoid replacement dose after waking, resulting in a 3-5 h delay compared to physiological secretion. Impaired quality of life (QoL) and fatigue might be due to this delayed dose scheme. Modified-release glucocorticoid preparations might have therapeutic advantages. Exploratory pilot study including 14 patients with AI was conducted in a single university center. Patients on morning dose prednisolone (5 mg) were included, switched to modified-release prednisone (5 mg) at 10 PM for 3 months, and then switched back on standard prednisolone. 3 standardized questionnaires (GBB-24, MFI, and AddiQoL) investigating complaints and fatigue were completed at baseline, after 3, and 6 months. Data regarding clinical and hormonal parameters were assessed. Modified-release prednisone showed significant improvement in one of 4 scales of GBB-24 and positive trends to better scores in 3 of 4 scales. The global score of discomfort improved significantly. The MFI showed also significant improvement in 3 of 5 scales and positive trend to better scores in 2 scales. Significant changes to better scores were seen in 4 out of 30 items of the AddiQoL. Modified-release prednisone showed decreased complaints and fatigue compared to standard prednisolone indicating importance of glucocorticoid increase in early morning hours before waking.