Modelling and numerical investigations of the mechanical behavior of polyurethane under the influence of moisture

Research paper by Florian Goldschmidt, Stefan Diebels

Indexed on: 03 Dec '14Published on: 03 Dec '14Published in: Archive of Applied Mechanics


In the present paper, a viscoelastic elastomer is investigated with respect to the influence of moisture on its mechanical behavior. Uniaxial relaxation tests are executed at room temperature with different levels of moisture content. The model consists of a finite viscoelastic and incompressible approach wherein the mechanical parameters are coupled to the moisture content. For numerical investigations, all necessary balance and constitutive equations are implemented in the open-source C++ finite element code deal.II (Bangerth et al. in ACM Trans Math Softw 33(4):24/1–24/27 2007). With the help of this implementation and by comparing experimental results for dry, intermediate and fully saturated specimens and the results gained from simulations, the precise material parameters of the used polymer can be identified.