Modeling of multiple crack propagation in 2-D elastic solids by the fast multipole boundary element method

Research paper by Y.J. Liu, Y.X. Li, W. Xie

Indexed on: 17 Mar '17Published on: 09 Jan '17Published in: Engineering Fracture Mechanics


In this paper, a fast multipole boundary element method (BEM) is presented for modeling crack propagation in two-dimensional (2-D) linear elastic solids. A dual boundary integral equation (BIE) formulation using a linear combination of the displacement and traction BIEs is applied to model cracks in this BEM. Constant boundary elements are used to discretize the BIEs and the fast multipole method (FMM) is applied to accelerate the solution of the BEM system of equations. Numerical examples of multiple crack propagation in 2-D elastic domains and under cyclic loading, including perforated plates with multiple holes and cracks, are presented to show the effectiveness and efficiency of the developed fast multipole BEM.

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