Modeling of interaction between therapeutic ultrasound propagation and cavitation bubbles.

Research paper by Marko M Liebler, Thomas T Dreyer, Rainer E RE Riedlinger

Indexed on: 16 Aug '06Published on: 16 Aug '06Published in: Ultrasonics


In medical applications of high intense focused ultrasound the mechanism of interaction between ultrasound waves and cavitation bubbles is responsible for several therapeutic effects as well as for undesired side effects. Based on a two-phase continuum approach for bubbly liquids, in this paper a numerical model is presented to simulate these interactions. The numerical results demonstrate the influence of the cavitation bubble cloud on ultrasound propagation. In the case of a lithotripter pulse an increased bubble density leads to significant changes in the tensile part of the pressure waveform. The calculations are verified by measurements with a fiber optical hydrophone and by experimental results of the bubble cloud dynamics.