Modeling and finite element analysis of mechanical behavior of flexible MEMS components

Research paper by Marius Pustan, Stéphane Paquay, Véronique Rochus, Jean-Claude Golinval

Indexed on: 02 Feb '11Published on: 02 Feb '11Published in: Microsystem Technologies


This paper describes the studies of the mechanical characteristics of flexible MEMS components including theoretical approaches, finite element analysis and experimental investigations. Modeling and finite element analyses together with theoretical and experimental investigations are performed to estimate the elastic behavior of MEMS components as microcantilevers, microbridges and micromembranes. Finite element analysis of microcomponents deflections under different loading and the stress distribution in beams are determined and compared with the experimental measurements performed using an atomic force microscope. The modeling of a micromembrane supported by four hinges that enable out-of-plane motion is presented. Finite element analysis and experimental investigations are performed to visualize the deflection of the mobile part of the micromembrane under an applied force and the stress distribution in hinges. In additional, this paper provides analytical relations to compute the stiffness and the stress of the investigated flexible MEMS components.