Mode II brittle fracture assessment using an energy based criterion

Research paper by M. Rashidi Moghaddam, M. R. Ayatollahi, S. M. J. Razavi, F. Berto

Indexed on: 01 Dec '17Published on: 26 May '17Published in: Physical Mesomechanics


In this paper the minimum strain energy density criterion is modified to predict the values of mode II fracture toughness reported in the literature for several brittle and quasi-brittle materials. The experimental results are all related to mode II fracture tests performed on the semicircular bend specimen. The modified mode II fracture criterion takes into account the effect of T-stress (in addition to the singular terms of stresses/strains) when calculating the strain energy density factor at a very small critical distance from the crack tip. It is shown that the proposed criterion provides significantly better predictions for mode II fracture toughness compared with the classical minimum strain energy density criterion.