Modal control of mechanically coupled NEMS arrays for tunable RF filters.

Research paper by Chady C Kharrat, Eric E Colinet, Laurent L Duraffourg, Sebastien S Hentz, Philippe P Andreucci, Alina A Voda

Indexed on: 10 Jun '10Published on: 10 Jun '10Published in: IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control


A novel tuning strategy of nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS)-based filters is proposed based on the modal control of mechanically coupled NEMS arrays. This is done by adjusting separately addressed distributed actuation and detection configurations proportionally to desired modal vectors. This control scheme enhances the global output signal, raising the power handling of the filter on all channels. Although the modal control of 1-D arrays exhibits narrow-band responses with adjustable resonance frequency, its application to 2-D arrays produces filters with both adjustable bandwidth and central frequency. One possible realization scheme is suggested by using electrostatically driven coupled NEMS arrays whose transduction gains are adjusted by changing the electrodes¿ bias voltages. Dispersion effects on both 1-D array and 2-D array frequency response are analytically expressed using eigenvalues perturbation theory. Based on these results, we show how to reduce their impact by appropriately choosing the coupling stiffness and the number of resonators.