Mitophagy and the Brain.

Research paper by Natalie S NS Swerdlow, Heather M HM Wilkins

Indexed on: 29 Dec '20Published on: 24 Dec '20Published in: International journal of molecular sciences


Stress mechanisms have long been associated with neuronal loss and neurodegenerative diseases. The origin of cell stress and neuronal loss likely stems from multiple pathways. These include (but are not limited to) bioenergetic failure, neuroinflammation, and loss of proteostasis. Cells have adapted compensatory mechanisms to overcome stress and circumvent death. One mechanism is mitophagy. Mitophagy is a form of macroautophagy, were mitochondria and their contents are ubiquitinated, engulfed, and removed through lysosome degradation. Recent studies have implicated mitophagy dysregulation in several neurodegenerative diseases and clinical trials are underway which target mitophagy pathways. Here we review mitophagy pathways, the role of mitophagy in neurodegeneration, potential therapeutics, and the need for further study.