Min- and Max-Entropy in Infinite Dimensions

Research paper by Fabian Furrer, Johan Aberg, Renato Renner

Indexed on: 17 Sep '11Published on: 17 Sep '11Published in: Quantum Physics


We consider an extension of the conditional min- and max-entropies to infinite-dimensional separable Hilbert spaces. We show that these satisfy characterizing properties known from the finite-dimensional case, and retain information-theoretic operational interpretations, e.g., the min-entropy as maximum achievable quantum correlation, and the max-entropy as decoupling accuracy. We furthermore generalize the smoothed versions of these entropies and prove an infinite-dimensional quantum asymptotic equipartition property. To facilitate these generalizations we show that the min- and max-entropy can be expressed in terms of convergent sequences of finite-dimensional min- and max-entropies, which provides a convenient technique to extend proofs from the finite to the infinite-dimensional setting.