Метатекстовые параметры повторов в творчестве Геннадия Айги ☆

Research paper by Михаил Мартынов (Mikhail Martynov)

Indexed on: 14 Mar '16Published on: 10 Feb '16Published in: Russian Literature


The paper considers the philosophical aspects of repetition in Gennadii Aigi's poetic texts. The author concludes that repetition in Aigi's works is of a non-numerical nature. Unlike the quantitative parameters of repetition, their non-numerical ability to correspond to the entire poetic text is of major importance. In this regard, repetition manifests itself as a structure that reminds a fractal. The cornerstone of Aigi's repetitions is a cyclic model of time that is impossible to describe in terms of evolution and memory. Repetitions accumulate nothing: topics and ideas do not grow from each other, but rather grow into each other forming the general poetic unity. Repetitions in Aigi's poetry constitute a non-communicative phenomenon that is not associated with imitation and mimesis.