Microstructure and Texture of Y123 Ceramics after Hot Deformation by Torsion Under Pressure

Research paper by M. F. Imayev, D. B. Kabirova, V. V. Pavlova

Indexed on: 22 Oct '15Published on: 22 Oct '15Published in: Russian Physics Journal


The method of EBSD analysis has been used to investigate the microstructure and texture of the YBa2Cu3O7–х (Y123) ceramics, deformed by hot torsion under quasi-hydrostatic pressure. It is shown that the local average grain size does not depend on the distance to the center of the sample. The texture along a radius of the samples is inhomogeneous. The presence of a ring-shaped region with very weak texture has been detected both in a sample with strong texture and in a sample with weak average texture.