Microstructure and dielectric properties of (K0.5Na0.5)NbO3–Bi(Zn2/3Nb1/3)O3 − xmol%CeO2 lead-free ceramics for high temperature capacitor applications

Research paper by Hualei Cheng, Wancheng Zhou, Hongliang Du, Fa Luo, Wenrui Wang

Indexed on: 09 Aug '15Published on: 09 Aug '15Published in: Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics


(K0.5Na0.5)NbO3–Bi(Zn2/3Nb1/3)O3 − xmol%CeO2 [0.97KNN–0.03BZN − xCeO2] lead-free ceramics were synthesized and the phase structure, microstructure and dielectric properties were investigated. Dielectric studies reveal that the 0.97KNN–0.03BZN − 1.0CeO2 ceramics show excellent dielectric properties at a broad usage temperature range (150–350 °C): the dielectric permittivity is near 1900 (at 10 kHz) with the capacitance variation (ΔC/C150 °C) no more than ±10 %; the temperature coefficient of permittivity (TCε) is as low as −162 ppm/°C; the corresponding dielectric loss is less than 2.5 %. These results indicate that the 0.97KNN–0.03BZN − 1.0CeO2 ceramics are promising candidates for high temperature multilayer ceramic capacitor applications.