Microstructural characterization of a Pt-aluminide coated IN738LC

Research paper by I. Calliari, M. Dabalà, A. Zambon

Indexed on: 01 Jun '01Published on: 01 Jun '01Published in: Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance


In this paper, the microstructural and chemical characterization of the IN738LC superalloy, coated with a Pt-Cr modified aluminide coating, is presented. The effects of aging in air at 850 °C on superalloy and coating microstructures were investigated. The growth of γ′ precipitates in IN738LC follows the Wagner-Lifshits model. The positive effect of Pt in preventing refractory element diffusion into the outer coating is not influenced by the aging. A moderate precipitation of TCP phases has been noted at the coating-superalloy interface.