MicroRNA‑126 inhibits proliferation and metastasis by targeting pik3r2 in prostate cancer.

Research paper by Lei L Song, Xubio X Xie, Shaojie S Yu, Fenghua F Peng, Longkai L Peng

Indexed on: 18 Dec '15Published on: 18 Dec '15Published in: Molecular medicine reports


The dysregulation of miR‑126 has been reported to correlate with the progression of several cancer types. The present study demonstrated that miR‑126 was significantly downregulated in prostate cancer (PCa) tissues compared with normal prostate tissues. In vitro and in vivo studies indicated that forced overexpression of miR‑126 significantly suppressed the proliferation of PCa cell lines. Additionally, a Transwell assay showed that enhanced expression of miR‑126 inhibited metastasis in PCa in vitro. Furthermore, pik3r2 was confirmed to be a direct target of miR‑126 in PCa. It was also shown that pik3r2 was upregulated in PCa tissues and this inversely correlated with miR‑126 in PCa tissues. In conclusion, these results revealed that aberrant expression of miR‑126 promoted the progression of PCa and may serve as a novel therapeutic biomarker for PCa.