Micropyretic synthesis of Ni-Al intermetallic composites

Research paper by HAO ZHANG, J. A SEKHAR

Indexed on: 01 Apr '97Published on: 01 Apr '97Published in: Journal of Materials Science


Ni3Al and NiAl intermetallic compounds and their composites are potential structural materials for high-temperature applications. Among the composites with different types of reinforcements, particulate-reinforced composites possess several advantages, such as isotropic properties, lower costs of reinforcement and easy fabrication. Particulate-reinforced composites also allow for a wider range of component geometry. In this article, Ni-Al-Cu composites with CeO2 particulates were prepared using the micropyretic synthesis techniques. The effect of chemical composition on the processing response parameters, the phases of products, the microstructure and mechanical properties of the composites were studied. X-ray diffraction results indicated that the phases of the synthesized composites were critically dependent upon the aluminium content. The final porosity of the composites decreased with an increase in the aluminium content. The flexural bending test showed a variation in the flexural strength of the composites with changing microstructure. The flexural strength and the elastic modulus increased with the aluminium content and the final density.