Microcephaly with simplified gyral pattern: MRI classification.

Research paper by R Jeroen RJ Vermeulen, Marko M Wilke, Veronka V Horber, Ingeborg I Krägeloh-Mann

Indexed on: 04 Feb '10Published on: 04 Feb '10Published in: Neurology


To develop subjective (visual) and objective (morphometric) rating scales for the classification of MRI in infants who had microcephaly with a simplified gyral pattern (MSGP) and to validate the first by the latter.We compared the MRI of 12 patients with MSGP and of 5 term-born control infants. Visual rating and morphometric analysis was performed for gyration and associated brain abnormalities of basal ganglia, lateral ventricles, pons, cerebellum, and corpus callosum.Gyral pattern was rated reliably as normal in the control infants, simplified in 6 patients, and severely simplified in the other 6 patients. Associated brain abnormalities were reported in 10 of 12 patients. Visual rating correlated well with the morphometric measures.Our visual rating scale for a simplified gyral pattern proved to be sensitive and reliable. Associated brain abnormalities are frequent, which underlines the need for a consistent scoring in these patients.

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