Microcavity array system for size-based enrichment of circulating tumor cells from the blood of patients with small-cell lung cancer.

Research paper by Masahito M Hosokawa, Takayuki T Yoshikawa, Ryo R Negishi, Tomoko T Yoshino, Yasuhiro Y Koh, Hirotsugu H Kenmotsu, Tateaki T Naito, Toshiaki T Takahashi, Nobuyuki N Yamamoto, Yoshihito Y Kikuhara, Hisashige H Kanbara, Tsuyoshi T Tanaka, Ken K Yamaguchi, Tadashi T Matsunaga

Indexed on: 28 May '13Published on: 28 May '13Published in: Analytical Chemistry


In this study, we present a method for efficient enrichment of small-sized circulating tumor cells (CTCs) such as those found in the blood of small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) patients using a microcavity array (MCA) system. To enrich CTCs from whole blood, a microfabricated nickel filter with a rectangular MCA (10(4) cavities/filter) was integrated with a miniaturized device, allowing for the isolation of tumor cells based on differences in size and deformability between tumor and blood cells. The shape and porosity of the MCA were optimized to efficiently capture small tumor cells on the microcavities under low flow resistance conditions, while allowing other blood cells to effectively pass through. Under optimized conditions, approximately 80% of SCLC (NCI-H69 and NCI-H82) cells spiked in 1 mL of whole blood were successfully recovered. In clinical samples, CTCs were detectable in 16 of 16 SCLC patients. In addition, the number of leukocytes captured on the rectangular MCA was significantly lower than that on the circular MCA (p < 0.001), suggesting that the use of the rectangular MCA diminishes a considerable number of carryover leukocytes. Therefore, our system has potential as a tool for the detection of CTCs in small cell-type tumors and detailed molecular analyses of CTCs.

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