Method of solving the generalized problem on eigenvalues of multidimensional circuits, I

Research paper by A. A. Mylnikov

Indexed on: 28 Sep '12Published on: 28 Sep '12Published in: Journal of Mathematical Sciences


This work is devoted to the development of a new method for solving the complete generalized problem of large-scale electrical circuit eigenvalues. We prove that the determinant of the conductance node matrix of an arbitrary k-loop LC-circuit is the Weinstein function for the loop impendance matrix of this circuit, and vice versa. A recurrent method of imposing constraints on the basic problem was defined, which permitted us to separate roots of characteristic polynomials in the recurrent process. Also a condition for conservativity of multiple eigenvalues was defined. A solution algorithm for the problem of defining a full range of eigenvalues of an oscillatory system with a finite number of degrees of freedom was suggested.